Atlanta United’s Unite & Conquer Cancer campaign’s mission is to give a voice to children and young adults that are fighting or have survived their battle with cancer. In addition, this campaign will provide a platform to recognize the great work Atlanta’s hospitals, organizations, and non-profits are doing to make strides in pediatric cancer research while providing excellent care to children that are suffering with cancer or terminal illness. The Unite & Conquer Cancer campaign stems from MLS WORKS’ annual Kick Childhood Cancer (KCC) initiative to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. UNITE & CONQUER CANCER –BE BOLD, REP GOLD will be a month-long platform for the club, with awareness efforts in-game, in the community, and through our social presence.


The 2019 Unite & Conquer Cancer Scarf (September 每月的围巾) was designed by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta patient, Valerie DeSantiago from Dalton, GA. Valerie, 13, was diagnosed with B-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in August 2018. She loves artwork and it has been an encouraging activity for her throughout treatment. She is a huge Atlanta United fan and hopes to play soccer again this fall.

When Valerie designed the Unite & Conquer Cancer Scarf, she was asked to create a visual representation of what soccer and pediatric cancer mean to her. Her imagination came up with little monsters, doodles and characters, most representing Atlanta United fans. Some of the characters are representations of opposing fans who are unhappy because Atlanta United is winning the match. The characters, doodles and buildings are part of a company for art supplies. Each monsters and characters are different colors because they represent different types of personalities.


Strength. Fearlessness. Happiness. These words were the inspiration for Muna Ahmed’s design of the Unite & Conquer Cancer campaign’s logo. Through her art she leaves a lasting mark on the Atlanta community and awareness to childhood cancer. Check out her 条纹的背后 feature from our inaugural season 这里.





莱昂德罗·冈萨雷斯PIREZ教粉丝如何在梅赛德斯 - 奔驰球场取得进球。



我们一起在提高儿童癌症的认识 - 连接下面一个我们的合作伙伴组织就看你怎么可以做出贡献。